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Over 30 years ago, on this little speck of our planet, a health food store and a five-seat juice bar was established under the name of "The Fresh Apple." My mother was the creator, and in the mid 70's and early 80's, tofu, sprouts and carrot juice were things that "hippies" ate. As people became more aware of the benefits of vital food, health food became more and more popular. Mom continued nourishing South Lake Tahoe for eight years and after juicing thousands and thousands of pounds of carrots and one million smiles, she sold "The Fresh Apple." Since then, it was operated by two different owners as a vitamin store and a small juice bar. In 1990, I returned to South Lake Tahoe and completely remodeled the place, creating the natural foods cafe you know today as "Sprouts Natural Foods Cafe."


In 1994, Cheryl and I began dating and she innocently began working at Sprouts Cafe - not knowing of the challenge that loomed before her. She became the catalyst behind the organization of Sprouts, and the ensuing success resulted in expansion. I was no longer responsible for the arduous task of running Sprouts alone, and that became official in October of 1998 when Cheryl and I were married. Cheryl is now responsible for the operations and I am now relegated to the administrative duties. We have great pride in our business and staff and we personally work very hard to ensure that your visit to Sprouts is a happy one. 


We do our best to serve the cleanest, freshest, most wholesome food available. Everything is preared daily and we are very conscious of friendly service and cleanliness. We believe our food is excellent and if you have any comments or suggestions, let us know!




 Tyler & Cheryl Cannon

Basket of Organic Vegetables
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